Saturday, September 7, 2013

mora atlet sportur-SOLD

STATUS: terpakai -pre-owned
KONDISI:terbaik dan rare
KETERANGAN:berfungsi dengan baik, telah servis, telah polish,(jam ini asalnya tidak berfungsi langsung, main spring rosak, crown dan stem bermasalah-kini telah berjaya diubati). jam ini adalah jenama dari sweden ( tidak banyak yang kita tahu tentang industri jam di sweden melainkan saya cuma kenal yang sweden adalah pengeluar bagi kotak-kotak jam bagi jenama longines era 40-50an). ada sedikit info yang diperoleh dari watchuseek untuk anda jadikan panduan mengenai sejarah jenama ini -I think I can partly help you solve the Enigma.
As you all now know, Mora is a small town in the County of Dalarna, center of Sweden.
By tradition, they made "grandfather clocks" of a specific design, with floral paintings on the case. 
Some small wall closks were also made.
The clocks were a cottage industry, made in the farms to augment the income.
In Sweden, Mora is associated with Swedish old, traditional quality, solid timepieces.

When Sweden got properly industrialised and started prosperring, somebody started importing good quality Swiss made watches under the name "Mora". The watches were given different, mostly Swedish names, Sportur = sportwatch, Atlet = athlet etc.
The Swedish economy got a real boost during WW2, the average income was interationally very high, and the working class could afford luxuries like these watches.
They were not expensive, but as you can see from the movements, still superb quality! 
I remember them still being sold (NOS?) in the late 1960. 
You can find loads of them in Sweden. As you see from the engraving, it seems they were also exported to the other Scandinavian countries. If not, maybe Danes working in Sweden (a lot did just after WW2) and brought them home.

As a note, other higher-lever watch Manufactures did the same, made a specific watch for the Swedish market. most notably, Omega made some watches (print on dial) for Sweden.
Other "Swedish"-Swiss makes were around, Svea (our National Figurehead), Tarnan (the Tern), Svalan (the Swallow) etc.
MOVEMENT/MODULE (digital):manual
CASING: 36mm stainless steel case,LUGS 18MM
TALI/BRACELET:tali kulit
harga;RM 300

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