Monday, September 2, 2013

bulova 23 jewels, white sunburst dial-6 adjustment caliber

bulova white sunburst dial 23 jewels 6 adjustment inhouse caliber.condition like nos. mahal tapi terpaksa ambik sebab dah lama sangat cari yang kondisi mulus begini. apa yang best sangat? tak lah best sangat, cuma 6 adjustment caliber ni adalah caliber terbaik yang pernah bulova hasilkan. sama seperti longines yang bangga dengan peripheral gear caliber, begitu juga bulova yang bangga dengan 6 adjustment caliber

The "Bulova 23" series of watches was an extensive line that premiered from the mid-1950s through the mid-1960s. These watches are known for their 23-jewel movements, thus the name "Bulova 23". A recent review of a 1964 price list revealed over 80 models, with many gaps in the variant designations in that list. So, my assumption is that there were well over 100 of these great watches produced during its life span. It is important to understand that the "Bulova 23" was a specific model line bearing the name "Bulova 23", rather than just a descriptive term for the number of jewels in the movement. There were other models produced at the same time that also had 23 jewels, but they bore other model names. To understand the distinctive "Bulova 23" model, you have to look carefully at the characteristics of the watches in that line.

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